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Top Facts about Disneyland

You will note that Disney world parks have become quite successful. There seems to be a good reason for this. There are various facts that you need to know about Disney. This will actually make your next visit more interesting.

It will be great for you to know that a fee of 3.5 dollars per ticket was charged when Disney World was opening. The park has witnessed great growth over a span of time. They have turned out to be more spectacular. it is for this reason that you are more likely to pay more for a ticket. Get this info on this website. You will however learn that by virtue of the fact that people are more likely to return to the park, you are assured f value for your money. You will note that so many people often end up losing their glasses in these parks. There are so many distractions in the parks and hence dropping your glasses will not be surprising. You will actually learn that over 6000 phones are also lost daily.

It is necessary to indicate that the Magic Kingdom is designed in such a way that gives employees the room to move around without being seen by visitors. This implies that Mickey and his friends can move around without necessarily spoiling the fun. This is not to be taken as a basement nor an underground facility. This is because of Florida being a low land. You will however learn that the engineers managed to have it constructed above sea level. You will learn that Disney features a charming ride known as Its not over. This ride was at first not in Disneyland. You will however find it to be quite attractive.

You will also note that there are no employees in Disney. They are known as cast members. This is a culture that has actually led to the growth of its brand. Visitors are time and again acknowledged as guests. You will learn that there are quite a number of buses here. There are over 270 buses that take people around the park. This fleet is actually the third biggest in Florida. You will learn that there are a number of tall rides within the park with the Animal kingdom being the tallest attraction.

It goes without saying that you will hardly find the beautiful parks as well as plants within this park to be resistible. You will realize that this park is covered by landscaping as well as gardening that then accounts of about ten percent of its whole. You will also learn that three million annual plants are planted each and every year.

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