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Understanding More about Facebook Ads and Google Ads and How to Merge them to Work Together
According to research, an average American spend ample time every day on Facebook and probably on the google search engine. Following this, several businesses are considering the use of Facebook and Google ads for marketing. Even though both methods are effective enough there are some major things that sets them apart. The following is a guide to help you understands more about Facebook ads and Google ads.
Chances are that you have seen various Facebook ads on your newsfeed. The most noticeable form of Facebook ads are the videos and the photos often perusing you to make a purchase. There are also certain ads that normally appear at the right panel and are mobile friendly. On the other hand, google ads are popular methods of advertisement an a bit more effective. They involve linking of ads to a business using certain keywords. The keywords need to be highly competitive for Google ads to be more effective.
various industries and businesses have much to benefit from using Facebook ads and google ads. To add more traffic to your website you will need to make good use of the google ads but to provide more information about your products and services, you will need to use the Facebook ads. Even though all these methods can increase your brand awareness, the best idea is to use both of them for a more effective campaign.
Facebook ads and Google ads can suit any business size as long as you work out your budget in regard to your financial situation. Facebook ads charge as per the duration of the ads and this means that the longer they run, the more you will spend. However, there are some other factors which can have an impact on the pricing and they include outreach and visibility. With Google ads, you will be charged depending on how strong the keywords are and the number of clicks received on the ad.
Targeting is one of the main things that set Facebook ads and google ads apart. In google, you will be upon you to find the most suitable keyword to reach out to your audience. However, Facebook tends to have more alternatives for targeting. You can choose from quite a number of demographics including gender, location and interest.
Despite the difference in Facebook and Google ads, you can still use both to attain the best advertisement results. You only have to understand everything about your audience very well to best target your ads Facebook ads will give you a better chance to sell your products and since the Google ads are short, you can use them to create a straight call to action.

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