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Universal Studios VIP Tours-Why You Should Consider Them

If at all you are planning for a tour of the Universal Studios, a VIP tour would certainly make for a great experience. By and large, the VIP tours are typically six hour guided tours of the studios and will sure make for such a great way for you to spend the day there, allowing you even an opportunity to have a glimpse at how some of the favorite movies and TV shows are created.

The following is a look at some of the reasons why you should consider these guided VIP tours of the Universal Studios.

One of the benefits that VIPs going these studios get to enjoy is that of free valet parking. Generally speaking, the average cost of parking a valet at the studios may be costly and high but where you choose to have your VIP pass and tickets to the studios, you will be allowed free valet parking. Besides this, with the VIP pass, you as well get to enjoy access to the VIP lounge. At check in, you will access the VIP lounge and as well inside the bathrooms, there will be lots of offers in snacks and refreshments for you to enjoy as well as a VIP.

More on the benefits of the VIP passes to the Universal Studios is the fact that you get as well to enjoy the benefit of the typical survival packs as you tour the studios. Basically, these would see you enjoy such offers on such items as a lip balm, hand sanitizer and mints for you as you go around your tours of this facility.

The other peculiar fact about the benefits of taking a VIP tour of the Universal Studios is the fact that with them, you get that expert tour guide service. By and large, the expert tour guides there are at the studios have as much knowledge and information on the past, the present and the future of the studios and they will fill you in on as much of these as you may want so as to have such an experience and knowledge of the studios that would otherwise not be available were you to go on the common tours of the studios anyway. Indeed with these tour guides taking you around the facility for the day, you can be so well assured of a tour experience that you will live to value for the rest of your time and you never can go wrong or miss a thing while on your tours of the Universal Studios. Actually, on a VIP tour of the Universal Studios, you will get to see some of the places that you would otherwise not have had in a general studio tour, getting to places such as the prop warehouse and the sound stage for instance.

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