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How to Choose Online Assessment Software

Online assessment software assists those teaching and training to have ample time in creating online quizzes. Businesses can create quizzes to assess the skills of existing workers or screen potential hires. The number of online assessment software that can help training, educational and recruitment centers is very high. Selecting which suits the needs of your center becomes a big challenge. Below are some of the things that should be kept in mind when you are selecting online assessment software.

Make sure support is paid attention to. Teachers and recruiters may lack sufficient tech understanding to handle problems related to the software. To them, technical support, bug fixing, operational support, and new updates could be jargons. They may need a lot of software at every stage of quiz creation and completion. To use features that are more advanced, for example, skill-based simulation tests, they need support. In such cases, operational support have to be accessed with much ease. Reliable online assessment software should offer customer support as well as have an effective technical back end to keep the software updated and compatible.

If software configures and integrates with your apps easily, consider it. A big percentage of training and educative centers uses online assessment software to pass on knowledge and prepare staffs/learners for low as well as high stakes tests. Suitable online assessment software should seamlessly integrate with your IMS and LMS. The online assessment software should allow custom branding so that you can configure your landing page with the logo of your company.

If software offers reporting and analysis, consider it. For trainers and teachers needing to correct copies manually, a variety of analysis and reporting options should be provided. The scores require to be calculated immediately the test is completed so that participants together with assessors can look at the scores simultaneously. The generated report should show the vital performance area and recommended approaches towards wrong answers for trainers and teachers to design their learning/training module as per the data.

Check scalability and uptime. Scalability is a vital requirement in recruiting and test preparation activities. Online assessment software should support many users across various locations and not use much bandwidth. Additionally, it should only need a computer having active broadband and at other instances, a webcam for test taking. It is vital for the system to have a robust server structure with ability to support scalability as well as high response time. Besides, it should have the capability to scale up how and when required. In addition, it should have a sufficient server infrastructure to oppose holdups, for example, power failure.

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