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13 Facts to Discover About the Us Army That Will Surprise You

Different people have different perception about the military works in the USA. In case you have a relative or loved one in the military, it’s possible that you have a hint of what happens in the military and it must be affecting you in one way or another when someone reminds you of the US military. The group has many things related to them that may suck tears from your tears glands despite the good work they do. The history of the military is imperative when you are interested in understanding the military. If you concentrate with this post to the end you will realize the 13 facts about the military.

The army was established before the United States was. Before the state could gain its independence in 1776, George Washington had to from the army to fight for the independence in 1775. This means that the army must have come before the United States.

Secondly, the army employees a lot of people. The second largest employing corporation in the US is the army with over 1milliin solders.

Then, an army isn’t the most eco-friendly. The corporation has a lot of operations to take care of which makes them spend much fuel on their daily business using the heavy machines hence becoming an eco-friendly corporation.

Many former US presidents started in the army. George Washington, W. H. Bush, and Theodore Roosevelt are some of the many US former presidents that passed through the US army.

The army has many acres of land in the US. The total acres of the land entitled to the US army is big that you can imagine.

There are many military dogs in the US army. Many dogs have been absorbed in the military army to reinforce the human beings in the army.

There are trainers meant specifically to train the military dogs. There must be the team that is set to coach these dogs before they are taken to the military services.

We can do it. Something also interesting with the US army is that even women are included in large number though there are favored in job assignments.

Many officers suffer from the PTSD or the mental health disorders. Many soldiers have been affected with the PTSD or other mental disorders because the conditions and situations they are exposed to.

Orphan cases are unavoidable. Many children have to swallow the pain of losing either one or both of parents that died in the war as soldiers.

In case one of the spouses dies in the army services the other spouse suffers a lot. It’s not easy for a left spouse to take it easy when the partner is doing hard work.

Many suffer loss because of the war. The wars have great impact even on the larger family in case of a loss.

We can thank Washington for the army outfits. The army as not once planned to change their uniform but all in vain.

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