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How to Treat Inflammation

Although inflammation is important in acting against damage to the body by healing the wounds inflicted, it can also cause chronic diseases. Lack of inflammation responses to injuries can eventually lead to fatality of injuries and worsening of infections but when it is applied for too long in the injured places or when it appears in parts not requiring its response, it can further complicate the situations like stroke and heart disease. Acute inflammation is a response directed at the specific injured parts like sprained ankles and cut knees and it is applied only for a short term and it continually vanishes as the body recovers from the injury.

Acute inflammation is associated with painful spots that are injured, uneasy movement for the injured parts, swelling of the parts and also fevers. On the other hand, chronic inflammation does not necessarily occur on the specific parts with injuries but rather produces low inflammation across the whole body for long periods of time and it is believed to lead to development of infections. When suffering from chronic inflammation, individuals experience symptoms like fevers, abdominal aches, tiredness, rashes and pain in the chest cavity.

Inflammation can be countered by practicing healthier lifestyles and using certain foods and diets. Oleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids are helpful nutrients in minimizing the inflammation effects to a body and can be obtained from certain dishes like olive oil and fish

Fruits like apples, strawberries, cherries, and other fruits are also helpful dishes in defending against inflamation. Foods rich in fiber content like beans vegetables and whole grains help in lowering inflammation causative agents. Observing healthy lifestyles can help in defending against inflammation and this would include avoiding foods like red meat and processed foods which contain unhealthy contents for the body like unhealthy fats and sugars.

Some medications like unprescribed antacids and antibiotics should be avoided due to the effects they cause in the body which eventually weakens defense against inflammation. Regular exercises and ensuring you sleep for optimum hours are also good lifestyles that can help prevent from inflammation.Using refined foods, alchoholic substances, meat containing nitrites and other unhealthy foods can actually increase the risk of inflammation to the individuals.

Medications without steroids for inflammation treatment can be used to relieve the pain but they should be used for short periods to avoid leading to other complications. Corticosteroids are steroid related hormones that can be used as drugs to treat inflammation patients. Common readily available herbs that can be used for inflammation treatment include ginger and cannabis among others and these herbs contain substances that can help counter inflammation.

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