Maintaining Your Braces for A Better Smile

Orthodontic braces can be worn by older children, teenagers, or adults who have issues with their teeth and other issues that impact eating, how the person bites, or the structure of the mouth. There are a few steps to go through during the completion of the orthodontic process, such as having molds of the mouth made and using appliances in conjunction with the braces. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to make wearing braces comfortable and beneficial.

In the Beginning

When you visit a braces joliet il orthodontic office, you will likely have an examination of your mouth before molds are taken. These molds will help the orthodontist determine how long you might be in braces and if there are any additional treatments that you need, such as extractions if your teeth are crowded. Once the braces are placed on your teeth and the wires are threaded through the brackets, you should try to rest for the remainder of the day. Your orthodontist will likely give you wax that can be put on the ends of the wires at the back of your mouth to keep the wires from rubbing against the inside of your cheek and gums.

Eating Right

There are certain foods that you need to avoid when you have braces. These include chewing gum, sticky foods, and foods that are hard or crunchy. It’s sometimes best to cut foods into small pieces so that larger pieces of food don’t get stuck between the wires and your teeth. Try to eat as gently as possible to prevent breaking the brackets off your teeth. Sticky foods often do more damage than other foods that you can eat because they can wrap around the brackets and get stuck around the wires or pull the brackets, shifting them on the teeth.

Keep Appointments

It’s important to keep all your appointments with your orthodontist, which are usually once a month. The orthodontist will examine your teeth and your braces to look for any issues that need to be addressed. The wires that go through the brackets will be tightened or changed at many visits but not everyone. If there are any additional appliances that you need to help straighten your teeth or correct other issues, then your orthodontist will discuss how they will fit in your mouth. Each appointment usually involves changing the bands around the brackets and gently cleaning your teeth as well.


Braces are a way for you to have the smile that you want. Smile as often as you can to show the work in progress that will lead to straight teeth. When you smile, you will be able to see how your teeth are lining up while others see the transformation as well, leading to an increase in your self-esteem. People of all ages wear braces, so it’s not something that you should keep hidden from yourself or the people who are around you as you complete your treatment.

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