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Common Potential Concerns with Relationship and Social Media

A bigger percentage have grown up with the notion that the social media can hurt relationships and those people who have the addiction and have spent a long time can confirm. It is a very tough act to balance the relationship and the social media hence you have to formulate the best criteria so that you can handle all in the right way. You need to be very careful to avoid losing the feeling of someone due to miscommunication translation due to social media. There are a most potent threat to the relationship and social media to look out this include.

There is the common potential threat of constant call for more moments. You need to have a focus where you want to go with your relationship hence you have to avoid the unfair comparison that leads to jealousy thus avoid the cycle of status quo.

The excess exes are also a most potent threat. You need to avoid all the possibilities that will lead to insecurity and compromising the infidelity of your current partner this is because you will hurt them hence are on their shoes.

The idealized goals is also a common potential concern. You need to avoid talking about your relationship o the social media since it will make your partner to feel inadequate when you try to show the impression that you not contented with your state.

There is the potential issue of how the public is your love. It is a bad habit to keep on publicizing your love and this will help you to avoid been upset by profile photo issues.

Posting too much is also a common potential concern. When you keep on posting your good time memories all the time it can be a turn off to your partner hence you need to look at the most appropriate time to share.

There is the potential threat of page stalking other people or partners account. You need to give your partner privacy thus not because you are in the relationship you have to follow up everything on the social media and it is important not to jump into the conversations that you are uninvited.

The guilty pleasure and sneaking is also the potential threat to the relationship and social media. There are dangers of flirting with your old partners since you will hurt the confidence they have in you, this risk are also similar with interacting with strangers. There are studies that have shown that the more you post on the social media on what you are doing it results to jealousy and miscommunication thus plays for validation of the inner need thus hurt.

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