A Simple Plan:

All You Need to Know About My Streaming Adventures.

I have taken some while before making a journal entry. Looking at my encounters on YouTube and also in Twitch, I realize that the turn of events has been interesting. I had chronicled the tough time I went through previously on my original entry. The equipment cost a small fortune. However, I have to tell you that it does feel weird to do a recording where I am rambling on by myself. There is a time I didnt know whether to keep doing it or not. Not seeing any returns for the work I was doing did not make things better. But you can also understand the expenses that come with MTG. For just one 5-match league, you will have to part with 8 dollars. For me, the cost was even high. I was using a rental service for thirty-five dollars per month so that I didnt have to buy digital cards. This was draining financially. For some time, I had no plan of action even when I was convinced the track I was on was great. This is at a time when I did not have anyone else in my team but me. Even so, fresh ideas were coming to me when I established this website. I had set my eyes on the bigger prize.

My goal was to come up with a nerd culture website. A stream would be awesome but I figured few people will be interested in watching just a single game. This is how the idea to branch out to various games was born. First, I would need a computer though. Because I was familiar with niche websites, content writing was not a new thing for me. Even so, I was eager to reach higher heights. I was focused on creating a bang like Gizmodo. However, this could not be achieved with written content alone but also video content. I need social channels for promoting this. It would be a tough break for just a single person but I felt like everything I have gone through before had prepared me for that. This is why I pushed forward. I was able to set up the website and come up with proper strategies about the content. I went ahead to create a Twitter account and kept my focus on that.

I shared my vision with one of my buddies called Jon. I wanted to have a podcast for the website. He was excited to co-host. Just like that, I had gotten someone to share the content creation task with. YouTube was my first pick though instead of going straight away to a podcast even if those were the plans for the future and you can get more info here.

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