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Inversion Table Therapy for Back Pain

Back pains get to us anytime depending on different circumstances. It gets more prominent and the likelihood of experiencing back aces increases. We tend to sometime take back pains as a mild issue while in the real sense could be a result of something serious. This is the importance of having a medical examination been done by a professional to determine the cause of the discomfort. You can get rid of back discomforts through surgery, taking medications, having physical therapy and taking muscle relaxers. Inversion table is a type of physical exercise to ease back pains.

As the name suggests, inversion table involves hanging your feet. The goal of exercising with an inversion table is to feel better and ease the pains. This format works against gravity and thus creating a form of relaxation with your back bone. With the inversion, the heart beats slowly causing the blood pressure to rise. It is therefore important to know the state of blood pressure before exposing yourself to risks. Before deciding on doing anything and you have any of those conditions, it is important to have a consultation with your medical doctor.

Most people with low back pain find that inversion therapy performed on an inversion table provides relief. With the gravity working against you, one can have a better circulation of blood which is good for your organs and hence reduces the pain. This is because blood has to flow through the body in one direction against gravity hence the process is enhanced while one is hanging upside down.

Some people also report that inversion table therapy is a great way to stretch muscles and ligaments, reduce muscle spasms and improve blood circulation. The good blood circulation helps to deliver nourishment and remove waste. The lymph system contains wastes moving in same direction, hanging upside down enables it to clear out the lactic acid that might cause pain.

There is always difficulty with first time trial, it is therefore important that you have someone with you incase something drastic happens. The gravity in the spine is reversed in the process hence removing compressed gravity that could have caused pain.

Inversion table therapy is recommended to be used as a proactive approach to preventing health problems. It provides short term relieve for pain when used occasionally. However when one has been diagnosed with serious medical conditions, one should seek attention from a doctor before engaging in inversion activities.

Having the opinion of a doctor and medical examination is of essence when dealing with serious back discomfort. Health conditions are not things to be taken for granted, ensure that you take the right measures and receive help where necessary.

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