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Factors to Consider When Buying Property in Marbella Spain

Marbella has nice properties that you can consider purchasing. Buying property in Marbella is a good investment which can be either short-term or long-term. There are certain factors that you should first consider when buying property in Marbella. First, you should ensure that you have done extensive and conclusive research about the properties that have been listed down for selling and make a decision on which one suits your preferences. Give the agents in charge of the property and make any inquiries that you may have concerning the property. You should also consider the proximity of the property to social and local amenities such as schools, hospitals among others. The property should be easily accessible and there should be a means of transport to reach the property easily.

You should also ensure that property is in a place where the environment is ambient enough and there is no noise pollution. Due to the many beaches around Marbella, it is also important that you make sure that the property has access to the sandy beaches. It is important that you have a lawyer to represent you and take you through the legal process of acquiring property. It is also important that you have someone who speaks the native language in case you are a foreigner to eliminate language barriers during the negotiations. Buying property can be a daunting process and therefore you should make sure that you are diligent enough when buying the house. Inquire about the planning and development control of the place in case you want to make any extensions or modifications of the house.

Have the property evaluated to know the correct value of the property so that you can plan on your budget. Discuss with your lawyer about any other legal fees that you are required to pay. Your lawyer should take you through the reservation contract that will take the property off the market listing. Ensure that your lawyer guides you on acquiring an identification number from the Spanish authorities that you will need to make the purchase of the property. Site visits will enable you to have a closer look at the property and determine whether the house is exactly what you are looking for.

Consider if there are any taxes that you should pay to be on the right side of the law. Consider the property tax that you are required to pay of which your lawyer should guide you through. It is vital that you get a title deed as proof of ownership on completion of the purchasing process. Check for any damages that will need the necessary repairs.

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