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Learning Ketogenic Diet from the Experts

First things first – you should know what keto diet is. In simple terms, keto diet is a diet program for everyone. The body naturally burns its carb sources which decreases muscle growth but with keto diet, fat sources are burned first. This type of diet program is the most effective way of burning unwanted fat in the body. There are also several keto recipes that you can find online.

Keto Diet In a Closer Look

In order for your body to start burning fats instead of carbs, you should only consume food that consists of low calories and high fat. There should be more fat than protein or calorie. On the first two days of your keto diet, you will have to follow this rule strictly. Increased metabolism in terms of fat burning will be experienced by your body once in a ketogenic state. Once enough fat is burned during this state, muscle tissues must be preserved by consuming protein-rich consumables.

Because carbohydrates are the main source of body energy, complete abstinence from it will help your body start to burn other energy sources first, such as fats. Fat burning can be experienced once keto diet is done successfully. The body will start to use of its stored fat instead of carbs during the keto state. In this condition, your body is under ketosis. You would want your body to be in state in order to experience efficient fat burning. If you are still confused with keto diet, you should get yourself a keto diet book.

Now we will go to the next part which is starting the keto diet plan. Enough protein in your body is necessary before starting out the keto diet plan. Workouts and other activities will strain your muscles which is why protein is necessary for recovery. Take note of your protein intake while preparing for the keto diet. The protein you need in a daily basis should be equivalent to your total body mass in pounds. Your body weight will also determine how much calories are needed for daily consumption. Fat intake is also necessary but most of it comes from your calorie-rich consumables.

You must remember that the keto diet plan cannot be started at any time you want. After every workout session, you will have to consume enough carbs first. You might want to include mass gainers in your diet before the actual keto diet plan. The entire diet plan for ketosis will not be very effective if your body does not have enough carbs and protein for consumption. Your daily food intake should always be noted so that you will know if you are ready for the diet plan.

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